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Monday, May 18, 2020, 11:05

When I use the expression, Life is Art, I realise that people sometimes have no clue what it is that I am actually saying.

People think that if they do not draw, dance, sing, play an instrument or write, then they are not creative. They think of the word Art as a painting hanging on the wall, and an artist as a very special creative bohemian (socially unconventional) being.

Not everyone wants to be this person, definitely not accountants, administrators, lawyers and doctors, there is no time for this airy fairy life that has the stigma of lingering on the outskirts of real ‘jobs’. Hence the adage ‘struggling writer’ and art being promoted as a hobby.

Art is - sitting at your desk, and someone walks into your office, and you notice the light from your window catch a lock of their hair. Art is the smell of coffee as it is placed on your desk, and the warm steam circles into your nostrils and your senses become alerted. Art is remembering the warm embrace of your wife or husband, that morning, before you left for work, or the butterfly kiss of your child as they skipped off to school, and the feel of that little kiss as it lingers ever so lightly on the side of your face, a gentle reminder that you are Dad/Mom.

Art is you after a long day at work, standing in the kitchen, selecting a bottle of wine to share with your loved one, or pouring a large glass of coke, listening to the popping of the ice as you place it into the glass of cold liquid, and the bubbles crackle and the faint spray tickles your face.

Art is the stirring of the pot, as you place ingredients into it, and aroma’s bring people from the far corners of the house, as they sense supper is ready.

Art is the placing of flowers in a vase to brighten your house, choosing the colour, enjoying the simple fragrance, it's the reason some of us enjoy the heady fragrance of fuchsia and others the more elegant gentle fragrance of the delicate rose.

The simplicity of everyday life is filled with captured creative moments, even in the midst of the mundane. When you dress in the morning, your artist decides which shirt goes with which pants or which skirt.

Have you noticed how we all wear the same jeans differently, how each one of us takes the same things and makes them look completely different to the person next to us. Consider those in uniform, one has tighter pants than the other, one wears them slightly shorter, one has red lipstick to go, one has no make up at all.

If you want to wear heels and everyone else is wearing flats, be that person, let your own creativity flow, every day, allowing it, to allow you, to be the very essence of yourself.

Art is not sandals and maxi dresses, Art is individual style, carefully considered for each occasion, so today it can be a long dress and tomorrow it may be a black power suit, that is the beauty of your life in its creativity.

Your life, even when it appears tiresome remains art, it is then that I encourage you to take a moment to consider the gentle fall of the rain and how the smell of it on the earth inspires or returns a memory.

Take note of the pictures you see in the clouds, or the faces you may see in the pattern of the tiled floor you may be treading on.

Be cognisant of the smile that lingers on the corners of mouths, and the twinkle of eyes, be aware enough to notice the shadows, or the lights that cross people's faces as you talk to them.

Take note of the body language that surrounds you, the folding of arms, the uncrossing of legs, the twirling of hair, all these are signals, all these moments have stories behind them, all are part of our lives in their raw artistic form.

We do not and never will see ourselves in the same way that others see us, or in the same way that God sees us. Herein lies the most valuable lesson of all -

We create because God created us first, we create because God gave us creative talents, our creations are our gift to God. Using our talents, whether they be in scales, notes, tones, numbers, words, or in the practical evaluation of your chosen skill, each is valuable, each is necessary,each is creative in its own right, in its own place.

Your Life is Art.

Love Justine

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