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Monday, April 27, 2020, 13:46

Early in the morning before the birds awoke, Keagan and Nala crept into the kitchen, Daddy was there drinking coffee, he took a sip before he spoke.

‘Today is a big day,’ he said. ’ You must dress warmly as it is cold, and you and Nala and Magic must listen and do as you are told.

We are going to catch and Microchip the Rhinoceros and it can be dangerous. They left the house and were soon on the Land Cruiser They picked up Abel and Magic and were ready for an adventure.

It was always such fun and they called out with delight when they saw the sun. They arrived at a place where there was a helicopter and a large truck parked in the bush. Daddy told the children to stay in the vehicle, he seemed in a rush.

Daddy was talking to a lot of other men, a pilot, and co-pilot, a driver, a ranger and a Vet, all together they were ten. All of them were excited and the helicopter took flight With a roar of its engine and a huge gust of wind, soon it was out of sight.

Only a few minutes went by and the pilot called on the radio Daddy jumped into the vehicle and called out, ‘Hurry, we must go!’

There in a clearing was the Rhinoceros above they heard the engine of the helicopter The rhino was afraid and began to run; the co-pilot leaned out of the helicopter Shot a dart into him with his dart-gun He fell to the ground with a dull thud, the earth shook around him and covered him with mud.

The helicopter flew away. They all went to see the sleeping Rhino Keagan touched his skin which was a dark grey.

He seemed to look so sad, Keagan said, ‘Don’t worry Mr Rhino, now you will be safe from anyone bad.’

The vet put a microchip into the Rhinoceros’s ear and now we can track him and he has nothing to fear.

Daddy, smiled a big smile and gave Keagan a hug It was late in the day, they had taken a while.

Time to go home and eat some food, Mom was there with a big plate and it tasted good.

Good night Mr Rhino, sweet dreams tonight, See you tomorrow when it is light.


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