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Monday, April 27, 2020, 13:42

Early in the morning before the sun was in the sky Daddy came to Keagan’s bed ‘Wake up’, he said, ‘wake up,’ rubbing keagan’s head.

Keagan opened his eyes and asked Daddy, Why? Today we are going to capture the Lioness called ‘Bula.’ Keagan laughed and smiled and said, ‘What about Magic and Nala?’ Yes, they can come too, said Daddy, but now time is short and we must hurry.

Not minutes later they were in the Land Cruiser The air was cold. Daddy stopped to pick up his friend Glen, Abel, Magic and a man called Andre’, To whom the Lioness had been sold.

The bush was so thick. They stopped to listen, and not a sound could be heard not even the call of a morning bird. Then suddenly at first light, as the sun began to rise There was a sound in the stillness that gave them such a fright, Daddy even jumped in surprise.

With much excitement they followed the roar; Magic and Keagan were as still as mice, Nala sat quietly with her head on her paws. Out of the bush Bula arrived, her coat was shining in the light her yellow eyes were burning bright, a gasp could be heard and the click of the gun, a dart hit her side and the other Lions began to run.

With smiles on the their faces, the Lioness asleep, Magic and Nala and Keagan sat on the vehicle with the lioness lying under their feet.

Mommy arrived to take Keagan and his friend home What fun it had been to help Daddy with the lioness.

Soon she would be on a new farm with lots of space for her and her babies to roam.


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