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Monday, April 27, 2020, 13:32

Early morning sunshine rose with pinks and red, ‘Shepherds warning’ Keagan shouted as he jumped out of bed. Come on Nala, let us leave before the animals go and hide, I want to see the lions this morning, before they return to the pride.

Nala leapt up with a lick and a promise, wagging her tail ten dozen to a mile. With a quick hi to Mom, and a kiss on the nose, Keagan grabs a banana, as he goes.

Daddy is waiting, with a great big smile.

They fire up the Game drive vehicle, and it leaps to life, they are on their way to the workshop to start a very busy day. Keagan and Nala are ready for an adventure, but they have an hour to play.

They are lucky; Daddy needs to check the fences which means they will drive a long way, Keagan and Nala are happy as Abel, Daddy’s tracker, and his son Magic are coming with”Hip hip hooray!”

Magic and Keagan and Nala are truly great friends, they have had many fun times. They have caught butterflies, and chased rabbits and helped microchip a rhinoceros, and watched with awe at the elephants habits.

This morning they saw Mr Giraffe, he was so tall it made them laugh. Nala barked and a black backed Jackal came to see, Good Morning! they shouted as a vervet monkey jumped out of the tree.

It was such fun driving in the bush, Impala scampering and jumping further than you can see, and warthogs with funny little wiry aerials for tails always in such a rush.

Magic and Keagan and Nala called out with glee. . Good Morning! Good Morning!, Mr Sun and Mr Sky. Good Morning, Mr Lion with your great roar; hello Mrs Fish Eagle will you show us how you fly.

Hello, Mr Crocodile with your very wide smile hello, Mr Zebra and Ms Blue crane you look so regal...

Do you think it is going to rain?

The first drops fell from the now grey skies ahead and Daddy looked disappointed.

Keagan and Nala waved Magic and Abel goodbye with a smile, as Daddy dropped them at home to stay with Mommy for a while.


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