2022 Coaching with Jenna Woods

 Jenna has taken over all  coaching from Justine, as well as the 12 Week Discover & Recover your identity through Creativity Course. 

 Jenna has a BA Degree Psychological Counselling, she is also training through the Natra-heal training center, completing a professional certificate in traditional medicine. Jenna has an interest in EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Emotions Code. Jenna has worked extensively in the Travel and tourism industry as a Senior cabin crew member for British Airways / Kulula, and as Private Air Charter Consultant at Comair Flight Services. 

 Jenna has a love and enthusiasm for people and is also a keen fine artist. 

 12 Session email course Only R2400.(R200 per session). 

Payable Monthly. Face to Face or Video Conference (R350 per session). Payable per session. If you are looking to focus, find out new things about yourself, discover your blocks, and find new freedom in your identity, while at the same time realising your dreams, and beginning to pursue them, then do not hesitate to contact Jenna. 

 To get the Introduction to the Course, and to book your 12 Sessions, face to face or video conferencing sessions please email Jenna. 
Take Action and pursue your dreams Now. 

2022 can be the start of new beginnings!

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 “ This course really opened my eyes to new possibilities and not to be afraid to explore the ideas. It also showed me how to overcome the things that hold me back. I experienced healing in areas I needed. Truly recommend this course if you are not sure where you are heading and looking to discovering new things about yourself. Dreams are not to be left in your head they are meant to come out and become a reality.” Renee van der Walt 

"When I started the course I was floundering. It helped,me to focus and get my life back on course. Thank you Justine" Margie Edward

The Self-Recovery and Self Discovery Course has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life. I now have an increased sense of self awareness without having any feelings of being self-important. We live in an age where everyone is defined by what they do and having been temporarily stripped of that due to the countrywide lockdown, everyone is left staring at beings they don’t know within themselves, thankfully for me this journey has helped me recenter and find who I am in God outside of what I do for a living and regain integrity in my creativity. Being someone that is heavily involved in social media for the work that I do, it is a place where I have witnessed a lot of clout chasing, bullying, cancel culture, propaganda and superiority complexes, a lot of exposure to people at war with themselves thus projecting a lot of toxicity tends to leave one taking the projections of who they should be and conforming to the societal pressures especially in the creative space, at some point I stopped writing, I stopped reciting poetry, I felt immense pressure to be perfect and I had no desire to explore the scope of my creativity because I thought that everyone else was much better than I was and I was completely unaware of these being the reasons of why I had a creative block for so long, however after the first couple of sessions particularly those of Safety and Identity, I was able to to rediscover myself and learn that God wants creativity for me and He is and can be a source of inspiration. I am forever grateful to Justine for walking this journey with me and I would recommend this course to everyone, it is truly life changing. Andile Alexius Mnguni

CreativeU  (Pty) Ltd
is owned by Justine Engelbrecht  

Bachelor of Arts - Creative Writing - BA CWR
Creative Coach & Life Coaching Practitioner

Justine is  the Executive Director of  Tweak Fashion NPC
and is currently  completing her Honours Degree in Theory of Literature while focussing her energy on Public Benefit Organisation Tweak Fashion.

" I cannot think of a better person to take over the coaching from me, I know that my clients are in goods hands with Jenna, and that she will be able to take them on a journey of self discovery,  using creative tools and  her knowledge and insight .
Once you discover your full potential, and identify the things and people that are blocking you from being the best version of yourself - anything  and everything you dream becomes possible! "    

Justine's previous experience: 


TravelmagSA Finding Fabulous 

Brides Essence Magazine, Brides Essence Travel, TopBIZ Magazine. 

Knysna Review
Plett Review
ABR Automotive Business Review & ABR Move

Published Articles 
 Kruger2Canyon, George Herald, Knysna Herald.

Gateway News, ABR Buzz, Cornerstone Church, Linked In, Authors Den, Ezine, Rhino Resource Centre, Simplylinks, African Array.  Finding Fabulous, TravelmagSA, Brides Essence. Woodssa
South africa-info, to name a few...


Timeless Voices  - International Library of Poetry Compilation, 2006, USA. 
Received editors Award.. 
2006 - Departing Dawn – An anthology of African Verse. 
Poetry Institute of Africa. 
2004 - An anthology of African Verse, Poetry Institute of Africa.



STUDYING MADE FUN – Grade 7 – 12
 ISBN: 978-0-620-55759-7 / ISBN:978 -0-620-55758-0. 
Also Available on Order - email me to purchase Only R100 per Bl&Wh Copy

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Fiction Novel Published on Amazon KDP

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Weddings in Africa e–Published ‘Weddings in Africa’' ISBN 978-0-620-41164-6, a 298 page book written for the tourism and wedding industry, which has subsequently been broken into articles, many of which have been re-published in various publications and websites. 

Book Covers, Magazine Covers and a Few of my Articles below:

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